Research scientist Loch Ness Monster

Can Revealing the mystery?
Or Just Adding Controversy?

Is the lake in Scotland there are monsters called with the Loch Ness? This phenomenon is not considered to play games and a team of scientists led by Swedish scientists in Jan Sundberg trying to uncover this mystery. Loch Ness Monster, Scotland, seems to have relatives in Norway. Norwegian ocean researchers, Aud Vold said on Soldal NTB news agency that he was recording voice mysterious sounds like a whale in Lake Seljord, Norway, so support the legend, the lake was inhabited by a monster. "Apparently, the sound that of living things, seen the frequency and structure. "he said. "I do not know where it came from, "he added. Recordings were reviewed by experts Norway, Sweden and the UK. Experts suspect the sound that of marine mammals such as whales, seals or sea lions. Creature dubbed the "Selma", the alleged relative of the Loch Ness monster suspected to reside in the Scottish lake.
Loch Ness monster in the lake Loch
Ness in Scotland, UK. 

 A new proof of the existence of 'Nessie', a monster who mentioned inhabit the lake Loch Ness in Scotland, UK, gained of a successful photograph was recorded recently. Alex Crosbie, 77, who has many years 'hunting' mon - Gangster's managed to get a picture regarded as 'the clearest' about living creatures throughout history. In the picture seems a form of 'neck length 'of a creature appears from the surface of the surrounding lake could reach about 40 km's. "This The best evidence throughout history, "said Crosbie. Crosbie himself admitted already since 1964 and has several

time to see the monster that became the legend. "His mouth was large, it seems bad with teeth large. Neck just 120 meters long, divided into five levels, " said.

Several years ago, around the moon or February 1997, an officer coast guard expected to find legendary giant monster lair Loch Ness. George Edwards (45) find a cave with a width of nine meters at the bottom of the bay through the Scottish sound detection. "I happened to find the hole in one day while crossing the Gulf of Urquart, when doing exercises, " he said. "Sonar I suddenly noted decrease extra 30 feet on depths up to 826 feet (248 me - too). This seems more in the other parts of the bay. According to Edwards cave was probably a breakthrough new in the search for giant creatures Nessie who allegedly lived in the bay along the 37 km's.

Jan Sundberg, from Global Underwa - including Search Team, said the operation hunt called Operation Clean Sweep will begin at the lake the March 20, 2001. Sundberg
certain members of his team that four people will succeed get big creatures who live in lake Ness.

They will put a trap tube-shaped six-to - were made of iron and nets This nylon-base will be reduced to Lake Seljord. He added, if it happened, a scientist from universities in England will help to take a DNA sample before the animal was later released returned to the waters.

The team will also use new equipment noise detection able to capture images of three
dimension at the bottom of the lake, during the project scheduled for two week. They will also be placed a camera that capable of photographing all the great things which is moving under the surface of the water in the lake.

Sundberg said: "The Legend Loch Ness has a history of long enough, so it makes sense if there is something there. I am very confident we will be able to find omething
when it was down there, or let's say a group of animals. If indeed there they ask if there are associations, so they can join, "said Kathy Campbell, founder. Now, he added, several projects, exhibitions and alliances have been formed in near Loch Ness and in some places around the world, but no umbrella organization. Kathy and her husband, Gary decided to acted after seeing something hiding in the lake Loch at the beginning of this year.

In China and Canada
Loch Ness Monster was not only in Scotland. China is known to have a legend or myths about dragons that can fly and comes from the sea. Official news agency Xinhua in 1999 had stated there was a monster Chinese version of the Loch Ness, as wide as two to and was 90 meters long, has to haunt those who were on vacation. Guy
see the creatures that nest in basic Songhua Lake, Jilin Province northeast, it has been since 1950. After all, according to some witnesses, the creature more often show self this summer. A local traders swimsuits states, have seen the monster eight times since mid-July. He describe it, black and has a length of between 80 to 90 meters. He took some pictures, when the creature was floating some pa-minute dates August 19, but blurred image, because it so far.

In addition, a large animal like a giant python looks at water reservoirs in Henan Province of China China news News Service branch Hongkong some months ago in May 1997 had stated that there Miyang dam workers in the reported seeing a creature called the "water monster", more or less 10 time since the first appeared in 1985. The monster was described similar to giant python, has two horns short, two front legs and claws blue eyes of a chicken egg. Because in the reservoir, fishermen increasingly difficult find the fish and nets are often damaged. Local authorities have not determine the type, but the animals Loch-Ness-like, never looked at lake northeast China.

In addition to China, on Okanagan Lake, Western Canada, is also rumored to have
similar creature called a Ogopogo. Even if one could prove the existence of the creature, there is a gift of two million dollars Canadian Chamber of Commerce of Canada. Ogopogo is described as Loch Ness creature in a lake in Scotland. However, both Ogopogo and the Loch Ness no one any corroborating evidence
existence other than myth story. We are just awaiting the results of research